Limestone producer Calduran one step ahead

Calduran, the specialist for limestone applications based in the Netherlands and part of the CRH Group, has found the ideal solution with Progress Software Development and their erpbos® software. Away from planning and managing via individual systems and interfaces, towards one system for all business and production processes specific to the precast industry.

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With Progress Software Development we have found the balance between long-term reliablity, many years of expertise and flexibility in the way of working.

Peter de Leeuw, Caldurans Group Service Director

Everything in one system

erpbos® is used to manage all products and services within Calduran. Before, for example, the wall solution with limestones instead of elements could not be mapped at all in the previous ERP system, which meant that a lot had to be done manually.

The digital mapping of the entire process, from the first customer contact to the final delivery, has significantly minimized effort and prevented errors that would otherwise only have become apparent later on in the process.

Focusing on the various process steps, a model-based approach enables optimal use and planning of resources and capacities, for example in the engineering process. This has a particularly positive influence on the cost factor. in addition, transport costs can be calculated correctly and accurately at freight level per site, ensuring cost certainty and budget adherence.