Building Information Modeling

We understand your challenges and deliver solutions to support you in your BIM process. 

The integrated BIM, short for Building Information Modelling, benefits from the strong networking of the hierarchy levels and gives the user access to a new, comprehensive overall picture via calculation, simulation as well as the presentation of the project progress. With our solutions it is possible to display the complete project life cycle of buildings in the always up-to-date 5D planning. This allows to keep costs and time under control at all times. 

Your added values

Detailed Design & Analysis

Data from CAD systems is the digital source to everything. Any further streamlining and optimising of other business processes such as production, logistics, etc. depend on this information. A flawless quality is therefore crucial and can be ensured thanks to our solutions with which you can adapt your existing BIM / Revit / IFC model and export it to the MES / ERP system in all its details by means of a unique mapping technology. This is the basis for the digital twin: What you design is what you get.

Crucial Information

As a full-service provider, we guarantee a seamless vertical integration, thus eliminating complicated interface problems between different stand-alone softwares. You have one central data platform which allows you to take decisions in real time and keep your costs always under control. Data is centrally collected and can be accessed by everyone from everywhere via the cloud / mobile applications.

Flawless Fabrication

Through data-driven automation we create higher levels of quality. Less staff is required, and resources are optimised. With our Smart Factory solutions, resources are used efficiently, resulting in less waste and optimal transport preparation. With the help of the manufacturing twin in the industrial production, quality is ensured.

Construction 4D/5D & Logistics

Being part of BIM, our solutions add valuable information to the digital twin. The complete project life cycle is constantly updated in 5D by real-time connection to the construction site. Deliveries can be planned just in time and optimized to the current situation on the construction site. This allows you to keep costs and time under control at all times.