Manufacturing Executing Systems

Manufacturing Executing Systems help you plan, control and optimize production. With the help of the manufacturing twin and through data driven automation, higher levels of quality are created. Our MES solutions offer a flexible data import that supports all common data formats. Production data can thus be checked for correctness in the work preparation process, both in terms of producibility and production optimization. Production can be planned in 3D and the current status of production can be visualised in all details at all times. Go towards a paperless factory with our advanced mobile solutions. 


Graphical Performance Analyzer

The GPA – Graphical Performance Analyzer, is a patented graphical analysis tool to examine production cycles. The entire process sequence can be replayed in detail so that delays and bottlenecks can be easily identified. Based on these production details, decisions can be made to increase the productivity of the plant.

Dynamic Smart Production

The Dynamic Smart Production solution enables computer-supported production. Through targeted visualisation of the production data, information is presented in a simplified way and paper can thus be largely eliminated. Touch screens or mobile devices at the assembly stations display the required information about the precast elements in 3D and allow employees to send feedback on the completion of their worksteps.​

Mobile Application

Mobile working also reaches the precast concrete industry. The mobile application provides information on the complete manufacturing process of your elements, from production to mounting on site. Production feedbacks, plant statistics, element information, quality checks and much more can be displayed and processed anytime from anywhere.​