With the "Industry 4.0" concept, all sub-areas can be linked and consistent transparency guaranteed. In the precast concrete industry, the concept includes bidirectional linking of production machines with production planning and with the BIM model.

Smart Production / Paperless Factory

Intelligent systems enable a smart production that supports the employee in the best possible way. For example, most of the production can be done without paper.

Graphical Performance Analyzer (GPA)

The ebos® GPA (Graphical Performance Analyzer) is a unique, patented graphical analysis tool for the analysis of production processes. The entire process can be replayed and analyzed in detail afterwards. Bottlenecks and optimization opportunities can be clearly identified, so that decisive measures can be taken to effectively increase productivity.


Various software modules make it possible to optimally record and analyze all data relevant to production.

Big Data

With stabos you can increase the productivity and the quality of the plant by means of the centrally collected data.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

The key performance indicators in stabos can be used to determine the performance of the machines based on simple values, for a quick overview of the efficiency of the plant.

Predictive Maintenance

stabos significantly simplifies maintenance planning. A simple overview of several machines makes it possible to plan maintenance efficiently. The system independently creates suggestions for when maintenance should be carried out.

Mobile solutions

With the Smartphone App you can monitor the production from anywhere. The online display provides information about the production status of the current shift and the availability status of the individual plant units.

Predictive Manufacturing Control (PMC)

With predictive manufacturing control systems (PMCs), it is possible to estimate the duration of the production processes (by analyzing the data), using default times for production steps. When preparing the production (e.g. pallet assignment), the duration of the production processes can be taken into account in order to achieve that all takt times can be maintained.