Complete solution - vertical integration

The linking and integration of areas and departments within a company is a central element of "Industry 4.0".

Everything from one source

As a full-service provider we generate the integration, which avoids problems. At the same time, the system offers flexibility in use and can be adjusted to each custom's individual requirements.
Our seamless vertical integration guarantees constant data exchange between the various systems.


Quality through networking

The aim of digital networking is to improve cooperation, coordination and transparency across the corporate sectors. This requires coherent exchange of information and a communication structure which reaches all those involved.


BIM - Building Information Modelling

Integral BIM, short for Building Information Modelling, benefits from the close networking of the different levels of the hierarchy and provides access for the user to a new, comprehensive overall picture of calculation, simulation and the display of the project progress. The software shows the complete product lifecycle for buildings in constantly updated 5D planning. In order not to lose the overview, each status is transmitted directly from the construction site to the BIM.


Project matters

Project data are characterised by quality, topicality and transparency. By means of project simulations these data provide increased security with respect to costs, deadlines and sustainability in project development. In this way, project management can be significantly simplified.


Mobile App

Everything at a glance
Members of staff can access and manage all information on deadlines and objects on a smartphone or tablet themselves. This makes it possible to shorten and optimize processes.

Optimizing processes
The online display informs you about the production status of the current shift and about the availability status of the individual plant units.

Saving time
Follow the construction progress on your smartphone or tablet. All data is available to all employees in real time. This lets you keep an eye on the overall project development, even when you are on the move.

Real-time data always available
Use the most important functions, such as deadline planning, production, assembly project planning and scheduling offline. This way you have all the relevant information available on your mobile device on site.

Sales & Analysis

Strong integration
For optimum sales and comprehensive analyses, erpbos® offers an integrated CRM module which can be used for offer and order calculations, invoicing and for the administration of customers and potential customers.

Reliable communication flow
With our tailor-made ERP solutions for the precast concrete industry, offer and order calculations are part of an efficient ERP system that guarantees a smooth communication flow with many customization possibilities.

Flexibility at every stage
The indication of prices on offers and orders is flexible and can be adjusted individually. Accepted offers can be converted into orders with just a few clicks. All the information of the offer is thereby taken over.

Linked instead of isolated
Calculations are created manually or based on CAD data. Via the interface, the system receives information on every single element and on parameters, such as concrete quality, element size, reinforcement, etc.

Customer oriented
With its integrated module, Customer Relationship Management CRM is also perfectly designed to improve product and service quality and ultimately generate more turnover.

Planning & Calculation

The solution for the precast concrete industry
All related applications and functions of erpbos® have been developed, optimized and specifically extended in cooperation with companies in the precast concrete industry.

Offer calculation, budget, capacity, production or logistics planning - erpbos® supports all those involved in the performance of business and production processes.

Perfect match
With erpbos® calculations and planning are not separate applications, but part of the powerful ERP system. All components are perfectly coordinated, in order to reduce the data maintenance and induction costs and to facilitate future expansions and adaptations of the system.

Developed for the concrete industry
The system can display a large range of products, such as concrete blocks, concrete ceilings, staircases and garages. Together these designs form a complete solution family for the concrete industry.

Order processing & Project planning

With the customer to success
Order processing and project planning are optimized, with the focus on customer orientation and efficient work.

Optimal project management
Various projects are displayed graphically, for a detailed overview either of the project or of the object. Thus deadlines and staff can be allocated optimally and conflicts between projects can be identified early on. Deadlines and project steps for individual employees, as well as budgeted costs and actual costs can be centrally managed and monitored.

Always up to date
A central document management system (DMS) ensures that documents are filed coherently. This greatly simplifies the management of projects in which many persons are involved.

Multi-project planning
The progress of the project is visible for all those involved in the project at any time. Thanks to the integrated production data acquisition (PDA), the available resources are optimally used and the transparency is maximized.

Increasing competitiveness
Our software enables a project-centred insight, which is essential for cost control.

Production planning & Management

Optimizing production processes
All work preparation phases are accurately simulated and production processes are displayed in detail. The aim is to optimize production – regardless of whether it is stone production, long beds, tilting tables, battery moulds or pallet circulation systems.

Speeding up the work preparation process
With the help of the PTS module (Production Test Service), CAD data is checked in advance for defects, both in terms of producibility and production optimization. Thus errors are avoided and completeness is guaranteed.

Keeping a constant eye on production progress
The Carrousel Scheduler module releases defined production units, puts them in the correct order and plans ahead. The production process is recorded and can be displayed graphically in great detail. This guarantees a complete overview.

Convenient planning
The interactive, graphic planning grid simplifies call-off and production planning. Depending on the product type (e.g. ceilings, walls, hollow core elements, columns, beams, stairs, pipes, shafts, stones etc.) different planning grids can be created. Elements and delays can easily be planned with Drag & Drop.

Simple pallet assignment
The PalBel (Pallet Assignment) module enables a simple pallet or bed assignment, by means of a specifical Drag & Drop system. In this process stacking specifications from the CAD system are taken into account, as are the possibilities for physical de-stacking in the production plant.

Current status of the carrousel system
With the GPA (Graphical Performance Analyzer) module, the current status of the pallet carousel system can be called up at any time and visualised by means of the 3D editor. This makes it possible to distinguish between stored and circulating pallets.

Always up to date
With erpbos® multiple users can make adjustments at the same time. Each modification is displayed directly on all associated planning grids.

Uncomplicated management of accompanying documents
Useful accompanying documents for production can be easily created and edited with Product Print.

Material management & Warehouse management

Optimizing stock on hand
erpbos® allows you to automate your purchase requirements, price inquiries and orders. Price inquiries and orders can be sent to your supplier with one click. Decide to order at the right moment, in order to optimize the stock on hand.

Shorten your procurement process
Keep track of purchase orders, goods receipts and vendor invoices. Delivery information is quickly visible. Supplier invoices and incoming goods can be easily checked, making your processes more transparent.

Transparency in every corner
The development of warehouse stocks can be tracked seamlessly, and at the same time there is a seamless transition between procurement and warehouse management.

Simple warehouse management
The Storage Control module supports warehouse management by recording all elements by means of bar code scanners, making every movement traceable. Availabilities can thus be checked quickly and easily.

Every element easily identifiable
Labels can be printed at the appropriate time with bar codes and numbers to uniquely identify elements. This brings you clear advantages in quality control, external warehouse management and transport processing.

Assembly & Logistics

Effective and efficient
Efficient and effective work is of great advantage, especially for assembly and the entire field of logistics. erpbos® is there to support you in every area.

Assembly planning at a glance
A graphical route planning makes deciding on the deployment of staff in assembly project planning much easier. Information on all deadlines can be managed by the assembly staff themselves on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. In addition, the scheduled and actual times on construction sites can be continuously compared and recorded.

Uncomplicated management of tools
The planning requirements with regard to deadlines, capacity, staff, loads and transport are very high. Drag & Drop is used in route planning to optimize transport requirements. Accordingly, production and logistics are precisely matched to the respective construction project.

Down to the last detail
Manage the delivery routes easily and independently and keep track of your deliveries. The routes are automatically saved and frequently used routes can be re-selected at any time.

Quality management

By implementing quality checks, accuracy, safety and the highest quality in production can be guaranteed.

Quality certification
It is possible to fully automatically capture all elements at selected stations. The images are saved and are available for analysis and quality certification at a later stage.

Ensuring production accuracy
The dimensions, images and position coordinates of the elements are saved in a special editor. Comparison with the 3D CAD data provides certainty about the targeted production accuracy. Digital images and 3D elevation profiles are hereby supported equally.

Document management

Central document storage
In modern companies, all documents and records must be available quickly, easily and safely. Our integrated document management system (DMS) guarantees coherent filing of documents with minimal access times.

Rapid access to information
makes all relevant documents available where they are needed. The data is displayed in the best possible form, either graphically or in tabular form.

Everything you need on the road
An app for mobile phones and tablets is available as an aid to your sales department. It gives your sales force access everywhere to all relevant data on customers, suppliers, contacts, activities and objects.

Everything in one app
Due to the possibility of editing and creating new information in the app, the information is always up to date. The automatic synchronization ensures that updates that are tracked via the app are also immediately available within the company.

Efficient organization reduces the workload
Activity Management is used to manage tasks, even complex ones with subtasks. The assignment to one or more persons, the resubmission, the deadline and the assignment to objects or projects ensure the most rational possible task processing.

Optimal project management
Entire projects from planning and quotations up to invoicing and photos can be optimally managed. DMS also supports the scanning of documents and their forwarding via workflow, Word and Excel integration.

Report & Controlling

Increasing productivity
The Report and Controlling area is particularly supported by the easily customizable Business Intelligence (BI) application and graphical analysis tools. These can be easily created using Drag & Drop.

Integrated BI solution
Employees in all departments need compressed, cross-departmental information that is up-to-date and available at all times. Business Intelligence makes this information available in an intuitive, fully integrated analysis platform.

Controlling as a management tool
erpbos®  offers an intelligent cost management system from planning to reporting. Corporate processes can be mapped, planned, controlled and monitored in terms of both cost and performance capacities. This supports a very wide range of cost accounting methods.

All costs at a glance
Planned, actual or target prices can be calculated periodically within the framework of cost rate accounting and made transparent and easily available for analysis.

Detailed representation
Subsequently, it is possible to easily create profit and loss accounts for products, services, sales channels, customers and processes.