What is Shift Left?

What is "Shift Left"? And how does this method save companies millions of dollars by increasing cost efficiency, solving problems earlier in the process, and getting products to market faster?
"Shift Left" is a method used in the design process in a virtual environment, where data is used to solve problems at an earlier stage in the process - so problem solving is shifted "left" on the timeline.



Save Costs and Time

When companies implement digitalization measures, they can realize the Shift-Left strategy of the smart manufacturing approach and gain a better understanding of their manufacturing process.

By digitalizing and automating an entire manufacturing plant down to individual assembly lines and machines, engineers can shift their troubleshooting to the left side - as they can now analyze their processes for errors and identify areas for optimization before production even begins.

The Shift Left method therefore helps companies to design products and processes faster, more precisely and more cost-effectively.