The complete control system

With ebos®, we have developed a software product that combines a wide range of features with the simplest user guidance and thus becomes a significant, innovative tool for manufacturing facilities.


With ebosYC a new era of carrousel control has begun!

An innovative 3D visualization of the carrousel plant makes it even easier to keep an eye on production.  Through an open cloud technology, it is not only possible to visualize it in the production office, but from anywhere.

This opens up whole new worlds in production control and analysis.

Perfectly integrated system

With ebos® it is possible to replace a large number of standalone software solutions with a single, perfectly integrated system. Since complex interface problems are eliminated, all work processes can be carried out in a single, homogeneous and user-friendly system.

Much more than just a control system

ebos® is much more than just a control system or a master computer. It is a comprehensive solution for work preparation, production and process analysis, that addresses all aspects of the manufacturing process, from start to finish.

CAD Link

ebos® offers a flexible data import that supports all common data formats (PXML, BVBS, Unitechnik).


PTS – Production Test Service

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The ebos® system integrates a fully equipped PTS client. The production data can thus be checked for correctness in the work preparation process, both in terms of producibility and production optimisation.


PalBel – Pallet Assignment

With the help of the ebos® pallet assignment, the concrete elements are automatically or manually optimally placed on production pallets or production lines.


Print Module

With the help of ebos® Print Module, labels, etc. can be printed fully automatically at a defined station at the appropriate time and are from then on clearly identifiable by means of a barcode.


Carrousel Visualization

In the ebos® Carrousel View the current status of the circulation plant is visualized in all details. The ebos® system has the possibility to control various large-screen displays which can be adapted to the individual plant.


Quality Check

The ebos® Quality Check module offers the possibility of fully automatic image capturing of the finished or semi-finished element at certain stations.


Storage Control

The ebos® Storage Control module enables the storage management of the finished elements. The elements are registered via barcode scanners and their storage location is recorded in the system and, if required, also forwarded to the ERP system.


GPA – Graphical Performance Analyzer

The ebos® GPA (Graphical Performance Analyzer) is a unique, patented, graphical analysis tool for the evaluation of production processes. The entire process sequence can be played back and examined in detail afterwards. Bottlenecks and optimization possibilities can be easily and clearly identified so that decisive measures can be taken to effectively increase productivity.


Mobile APP

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Via the mebos smartphone app, you can keep an eye on production from anywhere. The online display provides information about the production status of the current shift and the availability status of the individual plant sections.