Digital integration of the machines

stabos is a software for the collection and evaluation of production data.

Accessible from anywhere

With stabos it is possible to optimally record the production output of the machines. The unique cloud access enables data access from anywhere.

Big data (Production statistics)

By means of the centrally collected data, the productivity and the quality of the plant can be increased.

Predictive Maintenance

stabos significantly simplifies maintenance planning. A simple overview of several machines makes it possible to plan maintenance efficiently. The system independently creates suggestions for when maintenance should be carried out.

KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

The key performance indicators can be used to determine the performance of the machines based on simple values, for a quick overview of the efficiency of the plant.

Error analysis

With the error analysis you can easily record downtimes of the plant and thus react in time to recurring errors.

PTS via Web Services

Production Test Service enables production data verification from different locations via a standardized web interface. Thus the location of the technical draughtsman is independent of the production plant.