Maximum efficiency in tunnel construction

Thanks to the innovative, highly automated production of static meshes using Building Information Modeling (BIM) with Progress software solutions, the entire process (design, planning, production and construction) in the area of steel processing could be optimized. The digital twin of the project in Autodesk Revit enabled the seamless export of data to the ERP & MES system using the in-house plug-in Model2Fabrication. This allowed all subsequent process phases to be planned, implemented and controlled in a precise, cost- and time-efficient manner.

A new way for Tunnel Construction

Benefits in Numbers

45% time saving

The use of static meshes saved 45% time on site during installation, compared to loose structural steel.

< 1% Material waste

Model-based planning and automated production have reduced material waste to < 1%.

"The advantages of working with a BIM system extend throughout the entire typical work process of prefabrication."

Giacomo Riva, Head of Technical Office Progress AG