Advanced Planning & Scheduling System

aheadAPS is a cloud-based solution that acts as a HUB platform between the CAD, ERP and MES systems to cover the specific business processes of the precast concrete industry. Highlights include BIM / BCF integration (Digital Twin), 3D stacking, 3D production planning and daily capacity and production overviews. 

Optimizing Processes & Reducing Costs

aheadAPS enables manufactures to deliver on time and produce more efficiently. This benefits your business, because it leads to growing sales with quicker lead-times, reduced unit costs with more efficient production runs and improved decisions with capacity visibility & scenarios and analytics.

Scalable Plug&Play solution

aheadAPS  can be easily plugged in to your existing system and does not require a lot of maintenance.

It is also a scalable solution to have fully BIM driven processes for your business.


Plugs in easily to existing systems & doesn't require a lot of maintenance

Scalable solutions to have fully BIM-driven processes

Enables manufacturers to deliver and produce more efficiently