The complete software solution

As a tool for planning and controlling all business and production processes, erpbos® supports all those involved in this challenge. All the applications and functions have been developed and are continuously optimized with companies in the precast concrete industry.

Customer oriented

The various versions of erpbos® have been configured to the specific requirements of the corresponding business and production processes.

Solution family

These versions form a complete solution family for the precast concrete industry. A large range of central applications and features, such as data transfer from CAD or CAM, integrated document management DMS, working time and production data capture as well as central maintenance of master data provides support for every function in the industry.


With erpbos® offer calculation, production and logistics planning are not separate applications, but part of a powerful and efficient ERP system. Its components are perfectly compatible with each other, which reduces data maintenance and induction costs and facilitates future expansions and adaptations of the system.


Quotation and order calculations are created in erpbos® manually or based on CAD data. This BIM-driven calculation is generated from IFC or PXML models.


CAD Integration

CAD data import
Using this import, detailed information such as consumables, concrete quantity, concrete quality and reinforcement can be transferred from the CAD system.
Transfer resources
During import, the resources required to manufacture the elements are taken over from the CAD system.
Accounting data for invoicing can be created on the basis of individual rules or transferred from the CAD system.

BIM – Building Information Modeling

Through the integration of BIM systems (Building Information Modeling), production and delivery dates or project and material costs can be directly linked to the building model. Time and cost factors can thus be kept permanently under control and deviations immediately detected.


Project management

Planning and implementing projects successfully
The project planning enables the graphical planning of deadlines and personnel across projects and objects.



Convenient planning of call-offs
Usually, orders contain individual items with different delivery dates.
Capacities at a glance
The entire product range can be managed in erpbos® in one view. Unused capacities can thus be identified immediately and used optimally.
Integration with MES systems
® can communicate with various MES systems. This communication guarantees transparency in production and detailed evaluations.
Booking of resources
Based on the feedback from production, it is possible to automatically deduct the required raw materials from the warehouse.

BI – Business Intelligence

Integrated BI solution
Employees in all departments need condensed, cross-departmental information that is always up-to-date. Business Intelligence (BI) makes this information available in an intuitive, fully integrated analysis platform.



  • Intelligent cost management from planning to report
  • Cost transparency and cost planning
  • Link of the business applications in the company
  • Cost accounting
  • Cost rates

DMS- Document Management System

Central document storage
In modern companies, documents and records must be available in ever shorter periods of time. Integrated document management ensures uniform storage with minimum access times.



Linked instead of isolated

We already supply many important interfaces as standard:

  • GAEB in various current versions
  • Bidirectional connections of common accounting systems including SAP
  • CAD and master data coupling via Datanorm


With our applications you create or modify interfaces on the basis of

  • PXML, IFC, XML, Web Service
  • Direct access to Oracle, SQL Server, Informix, ODBC, ASCII, MaxDB


Integration with other systems
has already been integrated with various systems. Thanks to its open and adaptable structure, we can easily process any data format and use existing application or device interfaces.



erpbos® is prepared for large and small business changes. The multi-layered data structure supports expansion abroad, an acquisition of a company or a reorganisation of the company structure.



Own development environment
® has its own development environment, which allows direct access to the source code and thus contributes to a high degree to the flexibility and independence of companies.
® remains updateable with all adjustments.
Special customer enhancements
Depending on requirements, special adaptations or extensions can be developed for individual customers.
The interface is easy to use and can be customized.