Prefabricated bathrooms for Singapore and Bangkok

Highly automated factories producing precast concrete elements have been initiated by the state to increase usage of precast concrete in Singapore construction industry.

The software plays a large part in ensuring that the production processes run smoothly. The ebos® and profit MES systems, developed by Progress Software Development, consistently accompany all the aspects of the production process in the pallet circuit and manufacture of made to measure mesh. These integral systems thus replace a multitude of partial software solutions. This avoids interface problems and the employees can perform their entire work process in one homogeneous, user-friendly system.

erpbos®, a solution developed specifically for the precast concrete industry, has been installed as the superordinate ERP system. It serves the planning and control of all business and production processes - starting from sales, calculation, project management through production and installation planning to logistics, materials management, controlling and Human Resources.

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All these systems ensure a seamless flow of data, which increases not only our productivity, but also the quality and precision of our products.

Ryan Lim, Greyforms Assistant General Manager